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Activating Leadership Initiatives through Values Education




Membership countries are:










Increase youth leadership

Promote  humanistic values

Develop positive attitudes 

Promote self- lead programmes 

Create social programs

Create leadership workshops

Provide leadership literacy 

Become active citizens

Exchange culture

Discover new teaching methods

Cooperate with european students


Proyect Logo competition

Mascot designing

Antibullying written essays and posters

Leadership Videos

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Countries presentations

Anty bullying Role Plays

Inclusive Fairy tales

Dissability workshops

Mediation course

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Aim of the project

We believe that running a youth leadership development training with our students, we will be
contributing for them to be skillful citizens in The European Union. In doing so, we will be developing
young adults that have been trained bearing in mind all values that are embodied in a good
leadership, such as accountability, positive behavior, responsibility,having exceptional
communication skills, being a good listener, besides being honest and wise. We have realized that if
we want to lead our communities into a prosperous future, we will need to make them aware that
intellectual, interpersonal, and ethical skills are very important for their future life as workers and as
human being living a society. We want to build in our students the wish to take initiative and fight
against phenomena such as bullying, early school leaving and social exclusion.The European
community will benefit greatly from this because it will have young individuals who are self-lead and
are aware of the importance of leading their communities into prosperous members of the European
community. Most importantly, our young adults will provide the European Union with creativity,
resilience and initiative in leading programs that will shape the way our communities are valued.
There will be a direct focus on leadership skills, on human qualities that are essential to lead our
youngsters towards innovation and social change, giving them positive outcomes in the public eye.


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