We had developped a lot of different tasks and activities all along the project at each country in addition to the ones carried out during the mobilities. Here you have an example of the school activities related to leadership and bullying stop. 

Also we worked in different contest 

Link to donwload the Booklet with all the activities carried out


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"Giving back to society"

Every school has developped a kind of event to help other people. Auctions, second hand markets, solidary races, free hairdressing... There are a lot of ways  of giving back to society what it gives to us at school time.


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"Bullying is a pain"


Concerning Bullying every school has dedicated some time for listening to
Experts advice.  Psychologists, nurses, policemans… A great deal of experts have helped us to deal with Bullying and Cyberbullying.

On the 22 October the Portuguese partner had a new workshop about Bullying articulated with the local police authorities.


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"Future shadows"

Colegiu Naţional ”TudorVladimirescu”

Together with people working for the Agency for Environment Protection (APM) Gorj, the volunteers from class a IX-a D participated on  the  15th of March in an activity of planting trees in an area close to our city. We hope that in a few years the area will be forested again and all the citizens of our city will spend wonderful time under the shade of  these trees.