Increase youth leadership initiatives at our schools

Increase the awareness about the importance of humanistic and ethical values

Help students develop positive attitudes towards school 

Promote self- lead programmes by youth

Motivate our youth to become involved in creating programs 

Create leadership workshops for our youth

Provide leadership literacy in our schools

Initiate discussion among our youth about the importance of being an active citizen

Provide our students and teachers with the opportunity to exchange cultures

 Discover new methods of teaching leadership development in our schools

Cooperate with other students from other schools /countries in Europe

The objectives are linked to the priorities we selected in several ways. "Social inclusion" will be dealt with through the different workshops the students will participate through meeting new people and learning about both differences and similarities between youth from different places in Europe, therefore they will work and cooperate together throughout the project and training their social skills and becoming more confident in themselves. They will recognize that everyone has to be included in order to make things happen.

The objectives presented above will hopefully also be a support for the schools to "tackle ESL(early school leaving") as it probably will motivate the student to complete their school education because they will become aware that there is a "whole world "out there waiting for them. Experiencing different things and having something special to look forward to throughout the school year, is often motivating for the students that are in the "danger zone" of dropping out.

The main problem that we intend to address to is the lack of leadership development of students. We reach the conclusion that our youth does not have appropiate skills to become active leaders in our schools, communities or work force. We need to empower youth so that they can realize they have an important role in society. By empowering our youth we will begin to develop a map of sustainale ideas, projects and knowledge that our youth can incorporate in their future leadership roles. As we continue to work with our youth in our classroom setting as teachers, we also find it vital for our students to learn leadership skills which they can use in different environments. It is of the most importance to teach our young leaders how to increase their potential so they feel confident when leading a management team, co worker or other groups.

 "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value"


Albert Einstein