We held a training session for students and teachers about the special projects carried out at our school, also thanks to European Funds, to promote leadership and entrepreneurship in our students, and so contrasting early school leaving, in which our students created their own company and worked in the fields of archeological excavations and promotion of our cultural, artistic and environmental heritage. As a sample of the guided tour created by the students for promoting a local Villa, Villa Guastaverza Bottura, a ballet was performed.

In the afternoon, Giovanni Cotta students lead the group for a guided tour in the Legnago city centre and gave historical and cultural information.




Guest students spent some hours in the regular class attendance, for which we chose subjects that could allow an active participation, such as English, Physics, Chemistry, Arts, Human Sciences, Natural Sciences and Physical Education. In the meanwhile, we had meetings for leaders, where we planned the next meetings and activities, revised the content and characteristics of the final booklet “How to become a leader”, agreed upon the future layout of the project web page and started a new way of sharing material through Google Drive.




In the evening, we participated in the final show of our students from the school’s choir, poetry, band and reading labs, carried out at our school as extracurricular activities.


The show was held at the local Theatre Salieri.


Both students and teachers participated in the presentation of an inclusive project “Creating a fairy tale for Costanza”, a student affected by Down’s Syndrome, for whom her classmates created some fairy tales with her favorite characters. The workshop “Creating an inclusive fairy tale” was then addressed to our guest students, while leaders participated in a training activity about inclusion making at Liceo Cotta, where we illustrated all procedures, documents and staff dedicated to special needs, and some students illustrated a video about sports and disability.


In the afternoon, both students and teachers participated in the workshop about inclusive sport activities, such as “backpack”, “the great challenge” and “human table fooball”, in which they experimented and understood the meaning of carrying out activities with some sort of impairment.

That day, the final dinner was held at the Alpine Troopers’ seat in Legnago, where the Alpine explained the history of this corps, which was so important during the Italian history, in particular during I and II World War, and their past and present engagement for people in need. The final dinner was also a chance to share traditional sweets coming from all 6 countries.


We visited Verona, where we discovered the most important highlights of the city, witnessing the leadership of the Romans and the Scaliger Sirs in Verona, along with places showing the fascination of worldwide known characters such as Romeo and Juliet, also bound to the city, and also visited the majestic city of Venice with its Palazzo Ducale, where we got introduced to the political, economic and historical importance of the Republic of Venice and the peculiar leadership of the Doge and the way its power was kept under control for democratic purposes.